The Drumming

The drumming we do at the sessions I like to call spirit drumming. Spirit drumming is where we are using rhythm, affirmation breath to help us heal and invoke a spiritual aspect to our drumming as well as reaching theta wave in our brains which connects us with our subconscious. Sometimes you will hear singing or feel the presence of spirits as you are drumming, For me, this has always been strong in my drumming. The first time i channeled a djembe solo i was so happy and thought wow where did that come from, as it was phrasing I didn’t know  (and this is what connected me to the drum. it is a big love in my life.

We drum to heal, we drum to open our hearts, we drum to create a safe space for our spirit, we touch on trance and shamanic drumming in these sessions.  We do this through breath and a beat of around 220 bps with rhythms I have learned from African teachers. More info on what shamanic drumming is can be found here Shamanic Drumming

Time2Heal Guided self healing

We drum at around 4 beats per second which in shamanic drumming is pretty standard for all cultures this helps us reach THETA wave in our brains which in turn connects us with our subconscious minds and gets us ready for the guided visualizations Denise guides us through. Throughout the session,  healing music is played through a deep speaker to get the vibrational frequency.

The Chakra mantra we practice is one recommended by Neuroscientist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary this chant balances all your chakra and we do this at the end of the session. Dr. Kulreet is quite amazing her book Sound Medicine which I encourage you to read is a well of information connecting the dots. It will give an understanding of what sound healing is and why it is so important to our cultures to re-learn this.

Drumming lessons with Debie

I have a class on Saturdays its in the West African style drumming

Saturdays @ 3 PM / 22 Ingham rd/  the service rd

The cost of the class is $10.00

I have kept the costs as low as possible so everyone can enjoy the happiness these rhythms create.

You will learn African rhythms and, drumming techniques, breaks, and solo phrases. All rhythms have been passed to me by African teachers.

check drumbumba for more info

Drum Dance Weekend

Special Drum Dance weekend with Griot Epizo BangouraAfrican drumming Townsville workshop

Drum rhythms and dance from West Africa

learning rhythm and dance from Epizo has a huge fun factor and gives you a taste of West African drum and dance culture

Shamanic drumming to a full moon

Drum sing chant to the full moon

howl- express yourself through voice and spirit drumming

these events are designed to connect you with spirit in a safe and wild space,

in the shadow of the moon, shine your light


your guides

Are…. you and your intent this is the most important guide that you have, the intent to heal and open yourself to all the magic you possess. Denise, the drum, and I are just here to help you along the way

debie djembe

debie djembe



the drum

the drum

our guide

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