Selected Sundays 2pm @ Yoga Health

Vibrational healing, Guided relaxation self-healing techniques,  Shamanic drumming, Group chanting, Breathing techniques, 432Hz Theta wave healing. Guided meditation.

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Spirit drumming, Guided Visualisation, Meditations, Sound Healing, Breath, Intention-Time2Heal

Spirit Drumming

Spirit drumming guided meditation Time2Heal Toensville


with Dani

EFT (tapping)
Qigong Shaking


Guided Meditation Townsville Time2Heal

Time2Heal a new way to be, a new way to discover your inner self. Become aware and raise your physical vibration, through breath, mantra, drumming to shamanic beats, while experiencing healing vibration frequencies of 432 HZ, Denise will guide you, to bring all your most resourceful parts together utilising the wisdom of the unconscious to assist you to heal from the inside out. 95 percent of our habits and daily functioning is coming from subconscious scripts we have created through experience or perception. The more we can connect with ourselves the more we can shape our life into what we want it to be.
Learn to have more access to your abundant inner toolkit in this warm and safe environment. Denise is a qualified therapist with 35 years of experience and a passion of giving people skills to help them heal and discover their beauty. We will incorporate all the best tools that we know to enhance consciousness and build resilience while exploring your human magnificence!

We are having guest artists come and share their amazing life skills, musical skills, and creative flow with us throughout the year.
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Debie Djembe

Debie Djembe

Musical Creator

Debie has been drumming for many years having West African drumming as a way of life and a way of being. She has a great interest in the healing properties of the drum and its ability to help you reach a healing meditative state drumming creates happiness new pathways and high energy.

Denise Ammidas BSc Hons MNLP GIPD

Denise Ammidas BSc Hons MNLP GIPD


Denise has been practicing as a Psychologist for 35 years, and as a hypnotherapist for 18 years. She has a vast amount of experience which has grown into maturity and wisdom.

Her approach is eclectic. This means that she will use a wide range of therapies from different fields if she feels that they are effective at producing results.

Bookings are essential if you need to borrow a drum as my drums are limited, or bring your own as all drum types are welcome. If the shamanic drumming aspect doesn’t appeal you can just come to enjoy the breathwork, the mantra, and the guided meditation. The meditation is facilitated by Denise an experienced ¬†Psychologist who will show you the best way to have this inner conversation on how to heal from the inside / we are our own medicine and we run on subconscious scripts.
Time2Heal is about connecting with our subconscious to improve our conscious life, it’s about learning to breathe in a healing way, and using sound medicine from the inside out as well as external sound medicine. We look forward to you joining us on this wonderful new way to be.